eCommerce Progressive Web Applications

Discover AngularJS and ReactJS progressive web app themes and start building your eCommerce progressive web applications with ease.


Reliable. Fast. Engaging.

Intuitive & flexible progressive web app themes offering deep integration with WooCommerce. The UI/UX is clean and simple - the perfect starting point for your mobile users.


Remind or re-engage your mobile users even after they leave your app. Web push notifications can help you increase engagement by 4X and those users spend twice as much time on the app.


Internet connections can be flakey or non-existent on the go. Enhance your mobile apps with service workers to work offline or on low-quality networks.


We're using the latest JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular/Ionic and ReactJS to deliver the best progressive web apps experiences.

Add To Homescreen (A2HS)

Re-engage mobile web users by using Add to Homescreen and get 4 times higher interaction rate by making your PWA just a tap away.


Products & Categories Navigation

The WooCommerce-compatible PWA theme has a focus on ease of use, making it a solid choice for businesses the need to present categories and items. Only 3 steps are required for a mobile user to create an order. You have everything you need to start with an e-commerce progressive web app.

Minimalist Product Section

When mobile users tap on the product details, they are presented with four inner sections labeled: “Description”, “Product Ratings”, "Reviews" and "Sharing".

Products can be added to cart as a single item or by editing the quantity.


Flexible Shopping Cart

The checkout section displays cart content such as: items/products, coupon codes and other cart bits and pieces. Mobile customers have the option to edit items' quantity or remove products from the cart all together.


Offer your mobile users an exceptional shopping experience by giving your progressive web application a native app-like look & feel.

WooCommerce Progressive Web App

Since eCommerce is one of the main areas where a PWA can bring immediate benefits, the WooCommerce Progressive Web App theme is set to bring a new level of excitement for your users and increase your business bottom line. The tech stack available for you in the WooCommerce PWA: HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Redux, Semantic UI and Jest.

PWA for WooCommerce Lite


For our alpha version of the WooCommerce PWA, we managed to hit a 91 score on Lighthouse. The WooCommerce PWA is built with ReactJS and it is available for FREE.

PWACommerce – PRO Edition


3 Domain Licenses | 🔔 Unlimited Web Push Notifications | 12 Months Priority Support & Product Updates