New PRO Features – Offline Mode, Web Push Notifications, Search and More

The PWACommerce PRO plugin has finally been released! ๐Ÿ™‚

It comes with a brand new set of features, expanding the PRO version into Progressive Web Apps territory:

  1. Offline Mode*

    The application’s files are cached for offline usage together with the content. In order to pass the offline mode check in Chrome Lighthouse, it is enough to cache the app shell (the application’s files) and inform the user that the app is currently offline.

    We went beyond that and cached the app’s content as well. Categories and products are saved in the browser’s local storage while your users navigate through the app, together with products added to the shopping cart. This offers a full app-like experience to your users, allowing them to continue using the appย even when they don’t have a network connection.

    Caching content is also useful for decreasing loading times. The rendering process is almost instant, even when navigating from screen to screen.

  2. Web Push Notifications*

    We have integrated with the OneSignal WordPress plugin, allowing you to engage users through push notifications. This is one of the most requested PWA features, proven to increase user engagement by up to 4x.

    * Offline mode and Web Push Notifications are implemented using service workers, so they are currently available on Chrome.

  3. Products Search

    This was one of the most requested features. We have added a new search box in the top bar, allowing users to search through products.

  4. Infinite Scrolling for Categories and Products List.

    We have added categories & products pagination through infinite scrolling. When the user reaches the bottom of the list, the next page of categories & products will be loaded from the API. This is a completely transparent process for the user: the loading of new content is almost instant, without interrupting the navigating experience.

  5. Updated Project Dependencies

    Since JavaScript packages are quickly evolving, we made sure the app uses the latest technologies by updating React and all other project dependencies to their latest versions.


Future Roadmap

Our plan for PWACommerce is to continue integrating with the WooCommerce REST API, for example adding support for pages or writing product reviews directly from the app. In addition, some of the above features (search, infinite scrolling for lists) and other bug fixes will also make their way into the Lite version.

If you would like to contribute with a pull request or request a feature, please go to our Github repository.

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